Active Citizenship

It started to provide space for young people to make active contribution for social and economical development of the country. Skillshare Nepal supports youth to volunteer in different parts of the country enabling them to explore real time challenges and work for possible solutions. Joining as volunteer in Skillshare Nepal program, youth gets an opportunity to engage in local planing and development, contribution to SDGs national targets and experience development practices. The program  focuses to mainstream youth in decision making to social and economical development of the country.

Policy Discussion

Skillshare Nepal regularly organizes policy discussion series to evoke through provoking discourse and generate real time inputs to contribute policy reforms and its effective implementation. The discussion series provides platform for the experts from diverse sectors to present and discuss their life learning's in their particular field and impact development through policy strengthening followed by programmatic actions. The objects of the discussion series is to generate knowledge in the thematic field of Skillshare and capitalize it for policy reform and program review. 

Gender Based Violence

"Kick Against Violence" started in 2014 to empower school students and community youth(both girls and boys) to advocate against gender based violence rampant in Nepalese community. We do this by tapping the passion of youth towards sports (football) to deliver skill and knowledge and engage these youth coaches as advocates of social change. Skillshare Nepal has developed a unique implementation module of football coaching and life skill workshop to educate and empower youths to voice against different forms of social problems. Under this program, Skillshare Nepal is implementing school projects to engage school students to advocate against gender based violence in family, school and community to create safer environment for girls and women.

Sustainable Livelihood

We work to equip communities to meet their essential needs and support them to improve their life. This program has a particular focus on economical empowerment of youth and women. Through this program, we are delivering vocational trainings, business skills, employability and facilitate women,returned migrants and youth for investment opportunities. Providing skills and facilitating investment opportunities. Proving skills and facilitating investment opportunities, we aim to contribute marginalized community to secure their better livelihood.

Emergency Response Program

Skillshare Nepal supported earthquake affected communities with relief materials and engaged youth volunteers for reconstructions works. Skillshare Nepal established child friendly centers in Nanglebhare, Bhotechour and Lapsiphedi where children were provided psycho social counseling and learning opportunities through indoor and outdoor activities. Skillshare Nepal outreached communities with WASH program, trained communities on DRR, supported maintenance and repair of drinking water sources, water pipeline and constructed temporary & permanent toilets and community shelter. Skillshare continue to work in the earthquake affected communities with its reconstruction and rehabilitation program.