Skillshare Nepal is a social and development organization working for reducing poverty, injustice and inequality and to further economical and social development of the community. Skillshare Nepal is working with marginalized women,youth and children across Nepal. We do this by sharing and developing skills and ideas, facilitating organizational development and social changes and building awareness on development issues. Skillshare Nepal is locally registered country affiliated to Skillshare International. 

Our Vision 

A society deeply rooted in justice and equality regardless of culture, social, geographical and political divides and working together for social and economical development.

Our Mission 

To Empower women, youths and children through skill transfer and knowledge sharing to contribute to descent living and enable them to be a key agent of social and economical changes of the society. 

We Value

  • The right of the people to determine their future on their own 
  • Collective and individual empowerment 
  • Participatory approach of working 
  • The strength of collaborative approach
  • Volunteerism of the social and economical change
  • Skill transfer and knowledge sharing